2016 Internet of Things Executive Summary


Download the Internet of Things Study executive summary.


The MPI Internet of Things Study was designed to evaluate the readiness of U.S. manufacturers to incorporate smart devices and embedded intelligence within their plants and processes. We’re particularly interested in executives’ plans to improve business performance via the Internet of Things (IoT) — and for developing and selling products with embedded intelligence. The study looks deeply into how manufacturers will leverage IoT capabilities, along with the challenges they face.

The MPI Internet of Things Study was conducted by The MPI Group, and sponsored by Rockwell Automation, QAD, and BDO. In August and September 2015, 350 manufacturers participated in the study.

This Executive Summary highlights:

IoT Awareness and Expectations: Manufacturers rate their companies’ awareness of the IoT and the expectations they have for the IoT to impact business and their companies.

Intelligent Plants and Processes: Manufacturers detail the extent to which smart devices and embedded intelligence are incorporated into their operations.

Intelligent Products: Manufacturers discuss plans to develop IoT-enabled products.

Study Participants: Manufacturer participants are described by type and age of company, revenues, industry, markets, location of facilities, and progress toward world-class manufacturing status.

The IoT era is here — even if many manufacturers aren’t ready. Find out if your company is ready by reading on.