2013 Manufacturing Report


The vital data you need to inspire, lead, and improve is here!


A single percentage-point change can make the difference between world-class and an average performance. Only The MPI Group can provide you with detailed practice and performance data from a world-class perspective that lets you measure which way a performance is leaning.

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The vital plant-performance data found in these executive summaries allows manufacturing executives and support companies to see how top performers succeed in key performance areas—and where the worst performers struggle. With a small investment (just $150 for the 2015 Summary, or $75 for the 2013 Summary) you’ll be able to make meaningful comparisons among top operations in the United States.

Upon purchase you will immediately be presented with a link to download a PDF of the executive summary.

Each summary includes basic plant profile data, along with easy-to-understand charts and tables that illustrate findings across five critical functions, including:

Human Resources

Average annual hours of formal training received by plant employees

Human-resource practices/programs used

Job-related injuries/illness

Lost work days due to job-related injuries/illness


Manufacturing cycle time

On-time delivery rate

Perfect delivery rate

Finished product first-pass quality yield

Scrap and rework

Warranty costs

Costs of goods sold for:




Inventory turn rates for:

Raw material

Work-in-process material

Finished goods

Total inventory

Supply-Chain Practices

To what degree plant activities are outsourced

Customer reject rates

Customer retention rates

Overseas sales

Imported material/components (China and elsewhere)

Plant and Equipment

Investments/expenses as a percentage of plant sales

Where an investment may be made in the next 12 months

Production volume

Machine availability

Operating equipment efficiency

Return on invested capital


Green/sustainability measures for:

Green products

Carbon footprints

Green components and materials

Green programs and/or practices in place for:


Energy management

Use of renewable energies

Formal green corporate programs

Carbon footprinting

The Manufacturers Executive Summary is available for immediate download.