NGM Assessment Tool


Identify and measure strategic benchmarks across critical business functions.


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The Next Generation Manufacturing Assessment Tool identifies and measures strategic benchmarks across critical business functions.

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The tool offers a quick and free way for leaders to benchmark their progress toward world-class status by comparing their responses to those of thousands of NGM Study participants. Based on six NGM strategies, the assessment tool provides leaders a foundation for strategic planning by identifying opportunities and insights for improvement, including:

Customer-Focused Innovation: Develop, make, and market new products and services that meet customers’ needs at a pace faster than the competition.

Superior Processes/Improvement Focus: Record annual productivity and quality gains that exceed the competition through a company-wide commitment to continuous improvement.

Human-Capital Management: Secure a competitive performance advantage by having superior systems in place to recruit, hire, develop, and retain talent.

Supply-Chain Management and Collaboration: Develop and manage supply chains and partnerships that provide flexibility, response time, and delivery performance that exceed the competition.

Sustainability: Design and implement waste and energy-use reductions at a level that provides superior cost performance and recognizable customer value.

Global Engagement: Secure business advantages by having people, partnerships, and systems in place that are capable of engaging global markets and talents better than the competition.

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