2016 Profiting from the Internet of Things


Highlighting how the best manufacturers are investing in the IoT.

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Welcome to the Internet of Things (IoT). If you’re like most executives, you’re both hopeful and skeptical about how the IoT might reshape your business — and boost profits.

Help is here.

Profiting from the Internet of Things (IoT) highlights how manufacturers with the best understanding of the IoT — Innovators — are investing in the IoT now for profits today and tomorrow. We take a deep look at how Innovators are embedding intelligence into their company processes, and how Innovators are launching smart products.

We also look at how two other groups of companies are struggling to get anything out of the IoT:

  • Incipients: Companies getting ready to profit from the IoT, sort of, maybe… but with limited knowledge or skill.
  • Indifferents: Companies paying little or no attention to the IoT — and getting exactly the returns (non-existent) that you’d expect.

Innovators are making money on the IoT right now, and are positioning themselves for strong digital futures.

Incipients have a chance for both, but risk falling behind.

Indifferents haven’t left the starting gate — maybe don’t even know that there’s a digital arms race — and will assuredly be left in the dust if they don’t start paying attention.

The IoT is here — even if many executives aren’t yet ready. Find out if your company is an Innovator — or how it can become one — by purchasing Profiting from the Internet of Things (IoT).

This report is available as a downloadable PDF immediately upon purchase.


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