About The MPI Group

The MPI Group  serves corporate leaders with research, advice, and performance-targeted solutions that provide a competitive advantage in today’s fierce global marketplace. We combine these disciplines with hands-on project leadership to create a difference—in performance, in profits, and in the people who make them possible.

The MPI Group is composed of the Management Performance Institute, the Marketing Performance Institute, and the Manufacturing Performance Institute, and is known globally for research and thought leadership that define what it means to be a top performer—for both individual leaders and organizations as a whole. We leverage research to provide insights and benchmark opportunities to leaders worldwide through proprietary cloud-based software.

What makes MPI different?

MPI brings extensive business and management expertise to all of its projects, applying research and knowledge-development standards that are lacking among many other firms and agencies. We set the professional standards for project management, research development and fielding, data analysis, knowledge creation, and online interactive tools development.

When you work with MPI on any project, you can be assured that you will receive:

  • Global research abilities with boutique attention to detail
  • Swift, on-time delivery
  • Professional analysis by senior executives and SMEs deeply knowledgeable about your industry
  • Hands-on collaboration with executives, researchers, and writers who understand your goals
  • Best-in-class project management
  • Project-based pricing (i.e., no hourly fees)—you never pay more for a project than we quote
  • Creative delivery methods—comic strips, blogs, webinars, and more

Meet our work team

  • John R. Brandt
    John R. Brandt, CEO and founder of The MPI Group, has devoted…
  • George Taninecz
    As vice president of research for the MPI Group, George Taninecz applies…
  • James Clifford
    James (Jim) Clifford has a long, distinguished history of sales and management…