MPI Distribution & Logistics Study

MPI Distribution & Logistics Study

The MPI Distribution and Logistics Study evaluates distribution center and warehouse operations in a context of next-generation metrics and emerging best practices. This facility-specific study offers critical information to distribution, logistics, and supply-chain executives to keep their centers and companies competitive and is made available to any company wishing to improve.

The Study examines:
Operations – The study examines the operations practices/programs in place at facilities, (e.g., lean thinking) as well as services performed for customers (e.g., kitting). Distribution executives also reported operating expenses as a percentage of sales — and how those expenses are distributed — as well as critical performance measures (perfect order fulfilment, lines picked per hour, warehouse capacity utilization, etc.).

Supply Chain and Logistics – This section focuses on the number of suppliers and customers associated with typical facilities; percentages of imported supplier goods and products exported; and criteria used to evaluate suppliers.

Human Resources – This section identifies the number of employees in typical facilities; allocation of employees by role; use of temporary workers; deployment of human-resources (HR) programs; and key HR performance measures.

Assets and Technology – This section reviews past-year investments by facilities; types of information technology systems and applications in use; cloud computing usage; and adoption of Internet of Things technologies.

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