MPI Internet of Things Study

MPI Internet of Things Study

The MPI Group conducts a ground-breaking Internet of Things study that explores the readiness of firms across all sectors to take advantage of the IoT — and to manage its risks.

The MPI Internet of Things Study provides hard numbers on the adoption rate of corporations in applying IoT capabilities and explores the challenges and benefits that implementing the IoT entails. The study examines overall corporate characteristics as well as IoT readiness among enterprises:

  • Sales and marketing (e.g., real-time, market-driven forecasting and scheduling)
  • Procurement (e.g., event-triggered procurement)
  • Inbound logistics (e.g., timing production, labor, etc. to deliveries)
  • Production (e.g., asset management, maintenance, EHS)
  • Outbound logistics (e.g., timing returns, promotions, etc. to deliveries)
  • Customer service/support (e.g., timing support to customer touch/use)
  • R&D and new-product development (e.g., knowledge and capabilities to develop IoT-enabled products)

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