MPI Manufacturing Study

MPI Manufacturing Study

When you benchmark manufacturing performance, you may discover that a single percentage point in a key metric can mean the difference between world-class success and mediocrity — or worse.

The MPI Manufacturing Study collects detailed manufacturing practice and performance data, making it the world’s most comprehensive collection of manufacturing benchmarks on a plant level. The study examines detailed manufacturing practice and performance data in these critical areas:

  • Plant Operations: improvement methodologies, programs/practices in place, cost of goods sold (revenue, labor, overhead, and material), sales per employee, manufacturing cycle time, on-time delivery rate, perfect delivery rate, finished-product first-pass quality yield, scrap and rework, warranty costs, inventory management practices, inventory turn rates (raw material, work-in-process, finished goods, and obsolete inventory).
  • Human Resources: number of employees, union representation, labor turnover rate, participation in work teams, wages, formal training hours, HR programs in use, and job-related injuries and associated missed worked days.
  • Supply Chain: nature of supplier and customer relationships, outsourcing, customer reject rates, customer retention rates, overseas sales, imported material, and programs and practices in place.
  • Capacity, Equipment, and IT: production volume, machine availability, operating equipment efficiency, return on invested capital, process-specific quality/productivity/pace/safety, location-specific inventory levels, individual equipment or machine performance, material-handling performance, external logistics/distribution performance, supplier performance, information technology applications and systems in place, information technology purchase plans, and rate of Internet of Things strategy adoption.
  • Sustainability: importance of sustainability to plant success, greenhouse gas emissions reductions, use of various recycling and reuse programs, energy management programs, renewable energies, formal green corporate programs, green products, and measures for green components and materials.

The results of the MPI Manufacturing Study are available as part of our Manufacturers Benchmarking Toolkit and as an Executive Summary.

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The MPI Manufacturing Study uses both online and hard copy questionnaires. Responses to the study are submitted online and then cleansed to ensure answers are plausible, where necessary. All respondent answers to the survey are anonymous. As an incentive, respondents who provide contact information after completing the study may receive complimentary access to an online benchmarking tool that contains the study data and the executive summary.

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