Distribution & Logistics Executive Summary


The MPI Distribution & Logistics Executive Summary allows you quick access to distribution center performance data.


The 2017 MPI Distribution and Logistics Study evaluates distribution center and warehouse operations in a context of next-generation metrics and emerging best practices. This facility-specific study offers critical information to distribution, logistics, and supply-chain executives to keep their centers and companies competitive.

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This 17-page Executive Summary highlights:

  • Operations (page 2): The study examined the operations practices/programs in place at facilities, (e.g., lean thinking) as well as services performed for customers (e.g., kitting). Distribution executives also reported operating expenses as a percentage of sales — and how those expenses are distributed — as well as critical performance measures (perfect order fulfilment, lines picked per hour, warehouse capacity utilization, etc.).
  • Supply Chain and Logistics (page 5): This section focuses on the number of suppliers and customers associated with typical facilities; percentages of imported supplier goods and products exported; and criteria used to evaluate suppliers.
  • Human Resources (page 7): This section identifies the number of employees in typical facilities; allocation of employees by role; use of temporary workers; deployment of human-resources (HR) programs; and key HR performance measures.
  • Assets and Technology (page 9): This section reviews past-year investments by facilities; types of information technology systems and applications in use; cloud computing usage; and adoption of Internet of Things technologies.
  • Study Participants (page 11): Study participants are described by profile criteria, including annual sales volume; type of company; facility shipment volumes; and progress toward world-class operational status.

The 2017 MPI Distribution and Logistics Study was conducted by The MPI Group (MPI), and promoted by MPI and APICS, from January through March 2017. Some 224 distribution, logistics, and supply-chain executives participated.

To find out if your distribution facility (and company) remain competitive — or may be falling behind — download the executive summary today.


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