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Where do
you want
to go?

Whom do
you need
to influence?

How will you
and your message
break through?

In an era of
white noise,
only the voice
of credibility
can be heard.

Independent thought leadership = client engagement and affinity.

What can MPI do for you?

What can MPI do for you?


Thought Leadership

In a time when executives are increasingly skeptical of so-called “content marketing” — wondering, “Is this information biased?” —MPI stands out in providing independent articles, white papers, reports, and books that build affinity and engagement with clients and prospects.


Research & Analysis

MPI helps leading companies to cost-effectively conduct research that delivers insight and market awareness. MPI can also leverage unpublished findings from MPI’s proprietary research to provide national and global contexts for your research.


Digital and Social Media

MPI’s award-winning journalists and designers create funny, intriguing, and well-sourced blogs, tweets, and posts across a variety of social media. MPI programmers offer state-of-the-art online assessment tools and return-on-investment (ROI) calculators.


Keynotes and Workshops

MPI principals and analysts draw on their extensive backgrounds in business, research, human resources, marketing, and publishing to deliver thought-provoking keynotes, workshops, and seminars.

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