Where do
you want
to go?

Whom do
you need
to influence?

How will you
and your message
break through?

In an era of
white noise,
only the voice
of credibility
can be heard.

Independent thought leadership = client engagement and affinity.

What can MPI do for you?

What can MPI do for you?


Thought Leadership

As leaders become increasingly sophisticated consumers of information — asking, “Can this source be trusted?” — MPI stands out in providing independent reporting that offers value and insight to customers and prospects. With professional writers and a team of subject matter experts, MPI brings journalistic standards and creativity to thought-leadership initiatives.


Research & Analysis

MPI helps leading companies to cost-effectively conduct research that delivers insight and market awareness. MPI can also leverage unpublished findings from MPI’s proprietary research to provide national and global contexts for your research.


Digital and Social Media

MPI’s award-winning journalists, artists, and designers create insightful, intriguing, and funny infographics, blogs, tweets, crossword puzzles, and comic strips across a variety of social media. MPI also offers affordable, custom-designed online assessment tools and return-on-investment (ROI) calculators that generate leads — and new revenues.


Keynotes and Workshops

MPI helps clients to cost-effectively execute research projects that create insight, understanding, and market awareness. MPI can also leverage findings from its propriety research.

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Blogs Powered by The MPI Group

Big Ideas for Small Companies

Big Ideas for Small Companies is written by small business expert Alec Pendleton and is for those interested in the art of sustainable company profits and longevity. So what are the big ideas? A series of proven strategies with two common themes: focussing on what's important and facing problems.

MPI Internet of Things

Business will change more radically in the next five years than it has in the last 20. The question for every leader is: Are you ready? Inspired by the Internet of Things Study, the MPI's Internet of Things blog brings the study, its data, and expert opinion to manufacturers everywhere.

A One-Handed Economist

Ned Hill teaches the doctoral seminar in public economics in the Glenn College as well as economic development and state and local public policy at both the Glenn College and in OSU’s City and Regional Planning program. As A One-Handed Economist, Ned provides straight talk on business economics.

Manufacturing Benchmarks

Leveraging findings from the MPI Manufacturing Study, Manufacturing Benchmarks blog provides industry leaders with sound advice for continuous improvement that could mean difference between world-class success and mediocrity — or worse.

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