Research & Analysis

Research & Analysis

Custom research and analysis services supported by meaningful performance measurements.

The MPI Group’s extensive experience helps clients to cost-effectively execute research projects that create insight, understanding, and market awareness. MPI can also leverage previously unpublished findings from MPI’s propriety research—such as our Next Generation Management Study—to provide national and global contexts for your research.

At a tactical level, MPI brings extensive business and management expertise to all of its projects, applying research and knowledge-development standards that are often lacking among many firms and agencies. MPI develops research methodologies—whether online, by phone, by mail, or in person—that uncover new information and create new insights.

MPI conducts market research, financial and operational benchmark studies, strategic evaluations, economic development analysis, and customer focus groups across a wide range of industries.

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What can MPI do for you?


Thought Leadership

MPI provides independent, award-winning thought leadership that engages with customers and prospects.


Research & Analysis

MPI helps clients to cost-effectively execute research projects that offer insight, understanding, and market awareness.


Digital & Social Media

MPI develops social media content across multiple platforms as well as digital tools for lead generation.


Keynote & Workshops

MPI principals draw on extensive backgrounds in business, research, and marketing to deliver thought-provoking speeches, workshops, and seminars.