MPI Studies

MPI Studies

Studies Conducted by The MPI Group

MPI uses its proven methodology and market knowledge to conduct online studies that examine industry, trends, and best practices. We help our clients leverage these studies to create successful marketing and thought leadership campaigns. Recent topics include:

Distribution & Logistics Study
The MPI Distribution and Logistics Study evaluates distribution center and warehouse operations in a context of next-generation metrics and emerging best practices. This facility-specific study offers critical information to distribution, logistics, and supply-chain executives to keep their centers and companies competitive and is made available to any company wishing to improve. Find out more.

Internet of Things Study
The MPI Group conducts a ground-breaking Internet of Things study that explores the readiness of firms across all sectors to take advantage of the IoT — and to manage its risks. Find out more.

Manufacturing Study
The MPI Manufacturing Study collects detailed manufacturing practice and performance data, making it the world’s most comprehensive collection of manufacturing benchmarks on a plant level. The study examines detailed manufacturing practice and performance data. Find out more.

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What can MPI do for you?


Thought Leadership

MPI provides independent, award-winning thought leadership that engages with customers and prospects.


Research & Analysis

MPI helps clients to cost-effectively execute research projects that offer insight, understanding, and market awareness.


Digital & Social Media

MPI develops social media content across multiple platforms as well as digital tools for lead generation.


Keynote & Workshops

MPI principals draw on extensive backgrounds in business, research, and marketing to deliver thought-provoking speeches, workshops, and seminars.